Monday, March 1, 2010

ippen,shinde miru??

"Ippen,shinde miru?" when u heard this line,the 1st thing come to mind is "girl from hell" right? well,none of the other anime have some sort of line such as these~(i'm like talking nonesense..=.=") ahh,watch all over again the anime,manga and live action tv series~this show is kinda good actually,it shows every humans truth in deep of thier heart,don't u agree?? and this anime teach us do not go and simply curse some1,because "when u curse some1,two grave will be dug...once ur curse has done,ur soul will be taken to hell as well after u die"~ well,some1 says that the important is the live for now,but think again,do u really think that hell doesn't exist? when u got good,then u got bad,same goes to here~when theres heaven,then theres hell~really like ai's personality,that silence and abit scary personality~(i'm such a weird man..=.=") but,get attracted by a small girl just isin't me....but i can really admit it,ai really looks cute in some diffrent angels,kinda traditional type of japanese girl actually,not the live action's ai,that ai look abit too round u see~(hahas)
is a great series,if u haven't watch or don't know any thing abt it,go and watch it sometimes~=) is nvr too late to watch after all~

Friday, February 26, 2010

changes of the blogg

well,make some changes for the blogg~i change it to the things i wanna post abt,not just yugioh,but more things~some yugioh,some of specil things in my life,some other card games or games? if u wanna see more abt yugioh,u can go to my yugioh